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The Towels Everyone's Talking About

"Love the size, colour and print! Double sided is bomb! Perfect for travel as it’s light and folds up super small. Very absorbent & sand free for the win"

"I'm very happy with the turtle towel, as it is very well made with a lot of care and attention. I'm looking forward to many sand free years with this easy to live with quick drying towel. Also comes with easy to carry and pack bag."

"Lazy Wombat, you had me at the compact design, backed it up with the sand-free material and keep me coming back for more with the funky patterns. There's no other beach towel I'll use!"


Gym Towels.

Using our NanoWeave ™ fabric, you can also spice up your gym game with a Lazy Wombat gym towel. In the same cheeky designs, these towels are the perfect partner for your next workout. These bad boys are even more Compact and Lightweight. Did we mention they’re also Anti Odour, Double Sided, Sweat Wicking and Ultra Fast Drying?