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5 Hidden Beach Gems in Sydney

5 Hidden Beach Gems in Sydney

No matter how long you’ve lived in Sydney for, you’ll always be able to come across some cobber who reckons they know this “heaps secluded beach nobody knows about”, but the moment you get there it’s either packed or not that great. Save yourself the pain of this interaction by checking out our guide to some of Sydney’s best hidden gems (which by virtue of us writing about them, means they’re not really that ‘hidden’ but at least they’re not Bondi).

Milk Beach

Milk beach is an absolutely gorgeous secluded beach hidden away in Vaucluse. A small beach with crystal clear water and a view straight onto the harbour bridge. You can access the beach along the Hermitage Foreshore walk, which in itself is enough of a drawcard. There’s a couple other beaches and some grassy areas to check out too, so bring a picnic blanket (or just a couple Lazy Wombats) and have a plonk. 

Kutti Beach

Kutti beach is another similar vibe but a little bit further East, just before you reach Watsons Bay (which is also very worth a gander). Quite a popular spot, this beach is usually fairly packed on a hot day with locals, but don’t let that put you off. Your best bet is to park on Hopetoun Avenue and walk down a little windy street bordered by some pretty enviable houses. After that you’ll need to squeeze through a little staircase and Robert’s your father’s brother!

Reef Beach

Flipping our attention to the other side of the bridge is Reef beach, a small slice of paradise along the Manly to Spit walk. Peaceful and surrounded by nature rather than houses, this is a great spot to find your inner zen. While you’re at it, head up to the Arabanoo Lookout for a seriously spectacular view. 

Chowder Bay Beach

While not as hidden away as some of the other beaches on this list, Chowder Bay beach is still well worth your time. The area itself on the East side of Mosman is a beautiful spot to take in the majestic Sydney Harbour. There are some top tier wining and dining options surrounding the beach so leave plenty of time to explore the area, or just DIY it with a picnic. 

Jibbon Beach

Last but certainly not least is a genuinely secluded spot, Jibbon beach. This one requires a fair bit more effort but is well worth the trip. While quite close to Cronulla, the beach is only accessible by a fairly lengthy drive around to the other side, or a quick ferry across. What you’re rewarded with is a chunky 700m long stretch of Aussie beauty. Definitely one to check out when the other beaches are feeling a bit too crowded.

Whether it’s one of these beaches or any of the other dozens of spots in Sydney, get out there and lap up some vitamin D! And while you’re at it, bring along a Lazy Wombat to truly round out the experience: shop now.

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