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5 Ways To Use Your Lazy Wombat

5 Ways To Use Your Lazy Wombat

When we set about engineering the original Lazy Wombat towels, we wanted to make something that we ourselves would want to use. That meant designing a product that could be used across a range of situations. So while it is technically a beach towel, it’s so much more than that. Here are 5 ways to use your Lazy Wombat towel.


While it is a towel of many uses, it is at its core a beach towel, and a damn good one at that. Built for the Australian summer, Lazy Wombat towels are packed with features that set them apart from your average towel. For starters, they’re sand free, meaning that the sand falls right off and won’t end up in your car, nor on your bathroom floor, and won’t penetrate into every dimension of your existence. On top of that, their fabric blend means they dry super fast and yet are highly absorbent. The unique weave means that they fold up really compact and fit nice and snug in the convenient Lazy Wombat carry bag, which is great for storing your valuables. They’re also extra large, so that you can actually fit on the towel (crazy right)! 


There might not be any sand at the pool (usually), but that doesn’t mean Lazy Wombat towels can’t shine. The quick drying and absorbent factors will shine, and our eye catching and cheeky designs will make you the envy of everyone around you. Our towels also have a hanging hook on the side, perfect for drying by the poolside. Try stuffing your clothes in the carry bag to make a comfy pillow for your poolside relaxation.


Lazy Wombat towels truly shine on the road. While we might be in the middle of a pandemic now, that doesn’t mean you can’t prepare yourself for the good times on the horizon. The sand free fabric will save your backpack or suitcase from, well, sand, while their quick drying properties will mean you never have to pack a damp towel in with your clean clothes ever again. Most importantly, however, is the compact factor, which finally means your towel won’t take up half the space in your luggage. If you’re backpacking and are tight on space, want a funky towel and some nifty features, then what are you waiting for?


There’s a reason most gym towels are already microfibre - they’re compact and naturally antibacterial. With a Lazy Wombat towel, you can take it to the next level. Our towels are technically a microfibre, but our unique weave technique is why they don’t have that same gross texture. Nonetheless, they’re super compact and are a perfect gym buddy. The cheeky designs will be sure to draw attention too, a great icebreaker if that’s your vibe.


Unlock your inner zen and align your chakras with the help of a Lazy Wombat towel. Fold your towel in half for a bit of extra thickness to serve as a super compact and portable yoga mat. Stand out from the rest of the class and their bland mats with our groovy designs, and hit your sunshine salutations with immense vibe levels never seen before in a yoga studio. 

The potential applications of Lazy Wombat towels are limitless if you put your mind to it. Follow us @lazywombatau on Instagram and tag us in your pics if you use any of the above, or think of some more yourself.

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