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Another Top 3 Tips For Hostels

All you Lazy Wombats seemed to love our last top 3 hostel tips, so why not, here’s 3 more. We have far too many good memories from our time in hostels, and our fair share of bad ones too. Don’t make the same mistakes that other travellers have and educate yourself for a top tier time on the road!

1. Smell the roses

A really common mistake made when planning a trip is to try and cram as many bits and bobs as possible into your short amount of time away. When you have the entirety of Europe and only a couple weeks to see it, it’s tempting to rapid fire your way through destinations and activities. Don’t. Some of the best times are the spontaneous, unplanned experiences. Make sure you spend enough time in each location to truly get to know it, embrace the culture and see everything there is to see. You’ve got the rest of your life to check out the other places. Also leave time in your schedule for activities with the people you meet at your hostel. Hostels generally run their own events, and you’ll also discover all sorts of new things to do once you actually arrive, so leave some space to smell the roses!

2. Be open to new experiences

When travelling around hostels you’re going to meet a plethora of people from every possible walk of life. This means you need to keep yourself open to them, and any associated experiences. This is your chance to leave the usual you back home and just go with the flow! Say yes to everything (well maybe not everything), try out activities that you didn’t plan in your schedule, and spend time around people you normally wouldn’t. You never know what you’ll discover about yourself, and there’s no other opportunity in normal life like travelling around hostels. 

3. Pack lightly

When you leave home your bag might not seem too heavy or too bulky. But trust us, after an all nighter in Budapest, trying to fit all your belongings in, and lugging it through a soviet-era airport, are not fun experiences. There’s a few things to keep in mind. If you can manage it, try to limit what you pack to a carry-on bag to save on the extortionate check-in fees. You can wash your clothes at hostels, and you don’t need 4 pairs of shoes, so pack lightly. A great way to save on space is with the right towel too (wink), as the traditional options can take up a lot of space. Lazy Wombat towels are made of a special material that means they pack up super compact, in addition to being quick drying, sand free and very fun. Wear your bulky items when you travel to save on space, and leave a bit of room in your bag for those rushed 4am packing attempts. 

Bon voyage!

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