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How To Pack Light When Travelling

How To Pack Light When Travelling

Packing your bags for your next trip is always exciting. That also means it’s easy to get carried away. It might be tempting to overpack just to be safe, but how many times have you returned home from a trip with unused items that you were lugging around for weeks? On the other hand, how many times have you wished you brought some specific jumper or pair of shorts? Hint: not many. 

Obviously you need your essential items such as toiletries, underwear, basic clothes etc. On top of that, some trips just aren’t suited to packing lightly. It’s pretty difficult to cram your bulky ski gear into a backpack, but let us know if you’ve somehow found a way to do so as we’re interested. Beyond that, however, there are so many ways you can save on space. That might mean the difference between paying for check-in bags or just bringing a carry-on. At the very least, it might be a few less kilos to carry around while lost in an unknown city on a hot summer’s day. 

Ask yourself what you’re actually going to need. Like come on do you really need 3 different pairs of white sneakers? Keep in mind most hostels and hotels will offer washing services, or worst case scenario you can go and find a local laundromat. If you’re away for 6 weeks, you don’t need 6 weeks worth of clothes. The only person who cares about you wearing the same outfit more than once over the duration of the trip is you. 

Folding is overrated - yeah I said it. For real while folding makes you look like a packing mastermind it honestly is sub-optimal. Rolling or just stuffing your clothes will result in a better outcome. You can iron things or hang them up once you get to your destination, your clothes will be a little crinkly anyway even if you folded them perfectly. 

Finally, a great way to save on space is with the right towel too (wink), as the traditional options can take up a lot of space. Lazy Wombat beach towels are made of a special material that means they pack up super compact, in addition to being quick drying, sand free and very fun. Avoid filling up half your bag with a single towel and do the smart thing: shop now

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