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One Tree Planted Partnership

If you’ve had a peruse around our website you might have noticed some mentions of One Tree Planted and our mission to plant a tree for every towel sold. So what does this actually mean?

One Tree Planted is an incredible organisation that partners with businesses, from small start-ups like us to the proper big boppas, to plant trees as part of corporate social responsibility initiatives. In essence, a business can pay One Tree Planted money, and One Tree Planted will plant trees on their behalf. You can read more about them here.

We want to do so many things to make the world a better place, so this was just our starting point. We thought this could be a great way to offset any carbon emissions from the processes involved in making our towels. 

A great part of One Tree Planted is that we can choose to allocate where our trees are planted. Being an Aussie start-up, we’ve decided to focus our initial tree planting efforts on areas affected by the recent 2020 Australian bushfires. It’s small, but it’s something.

Our hope is that as the company grows, so too will the forest we’ve created, and in that way we might be lucky enough to play a small part in making the world a better place. 


To learn more about our mission, click here. To plant a tree and net yourself a pretty groovy sand free towel while you’re at it, click here.

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