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What Is A Sand Free Towel?

What does it truly mean to be ‘sand free’? What does it truly mean to be? Age-old questions that have plagued even the greatest of philosophers over the past centuries. Well, unfortunately we can’t be of much help with the latter, but boy oh boy can we answer the first one.

Sand free towels are a relatively new concept that have been hitting markets around the world. For years, people have struggled with sandy towels, sandy bags, sandy bathroom floors and sandy existences all because some cobber decided it’d be a great idea for beach towels to accommodate the beach itself.

Fortunately, that hellish existence need no longer be a reality, thanks to Lazy Wombat sand free beach towels! The way our towels work to repel sand is that they’re made of a special microfibre fabric combined with a unique weaving technique that causes the sand to just drop off. 

You know those videos with hydrophobic fabrics where the water just rolls off them? Yeah it’s kinda like that but sand. If you’re struggling to visualise it we recommend you simply buy a Lazy Wombat and experience the life-changing moment for yourself.

So, a simple light shake at the beach means no more sand finding its way into every corner of your house and your life. Our sand free beach towels are also packed with a bunch of other nifty features. They’re quick drying, super absorbent, compact and big enough to fit on. To learn more simply click here. To join the party and change your life, shop now.

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