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Three lazy wombat sand free beach towels draped over a railing in Watson's Bay

What’s Special About Our Towels?

A lot of newcomers see our towels and ask what’s so special about them. Beyond the funky designs, there are a lot of clever features we’ve packed into these towels to make them the best that towels can be. Here at Lazy Wombat, we’ve always operated under the guidance of wanting to sell a product that we ourselves love, and that’s exactly what we do. We spent countless long nights finding the right manufacturer with the right methods and fabrics to create the ultimate towel for whatever adventures await you. We use a microfibre blend combined with a special type of weaving method that results in a darn good towel. Here’s an overview of why they’re so special.

The sand falls right off

You know when you shake a normal beach towel and a bit of the sand gets stuck in the fibres? Well worry no more. Due to the weave of our towels the sand drops right off with just the lightest of shakes. That means no more sand at the bottom of your bag or on your bathroom floor! Leave the beach at the beach and never again find random bits of sand a week after going to the beach.

They dry super fast

Too often towels dry you at the expense of themselves. Our towels dry you, and then dry themselves much faster than usual. This is great for travel since you can avoid stuffing a damp towel into your backpack despite leaving it out overnight to dry. Unlike some beach towels that require 24 hours on the surface of the sun to fully dry, Lazy Wombat towels end up drier than a conversation with your least favourite coworker. 

They pack up really compact 

Another nifty feature, especially for travel or backpacking, is how compact our towels are. They fold (or scrunch, we’re not judging) up really tight meaning they don’t take up half your suitcase as traditional beach towels do. They even come with a fantastic little Lazy Wombat carry bag that keeps them nice and warm, and doubles as a pouch to keep your belongings while you’re at the beach!

They absorb a LOT of water

This one’s kinda given since they’re towels, and you know towels are meant to absorb water. The great thing about our towels is that they don’t lose out on absorption in place of their other fantastic features. Despite being compact, quick drying and sand free, they still absorb a lot more water than you can store on your body.

You can actually fit on them

Just crazy right? Imagine a world where you can fit on your beach towel! Well imagine no more because your dreams just became reality. They said in 2020 we’d have flying cars but this is even better baby. Lazy Wombat towels are larger than your average beach towel, meaning you have a lot more room to work with. Now obviously if you’re a bit of a lengthy person (no not in that way get your mind out of the gutter) you might still be a bit too tall, but better than nothing!

So what are you waiting for? Join our little wisdom of wombats and shop now.

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