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    Ultra Fast Drying


Our towels are made with our special NanoWeave fabric technology, making them anti odour, sweat wicking, double sided and ultra fast drying. They also come with:

  • Hanging Hook
  • Travel Bag
  • One Tree Planted For Every Towel
  • Towel Size - 100cm x 50cm
  • Towel Weight - 120g
  • Materials - 80% Polyester, 20% Polyamide
  • Carry Bag Size - 24cm x 16cm
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Maximum Drying Velocity

Our gym towels are ridiculously compact and lightweight thanks to our NanoWeave™ fabric technology. This means they dry crazy fast. You’ll never find a damp towel in your gym bag ever again.


Twice The Fun

With our cheeky designs on one side, and our signature waves on the other, you’ll always know which side is for you, and which is for the bench. You wouldn’t wipe your face with a random bloke’s sweat would you?


Removes Sweat, Fast

Our gym towels are just as absorbent as our classic beach towels, meaning they wick the sweat off your skin in no time. They’re like a sweat vacuum cleaner, it’s crazy.


Absorbs Sweat, Not Smell

Thanks to our NanoWeave™ fabric blend, our gym towels have anti odour properties to keep them smelling fresh. Because they dry so fast, the stench stays away, but you should still wash your towel though...

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1 Towel = 1 Tree

We’ve partnered with One Tree Planted to plant a tree for every towel sold. We’re currently planting trees in areas affected by the 2020 Australian bushfires.


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