The Lazy Wombat Supply Co.

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We absolutely adore our little Wisdom of Lazy Wombats out there making the world a happier place. That’s why we try to get you lot involved as much as possible. It’s our job to come up with new designs and generate content for socials, but you bunch of nutjobs always seem to come up with the funniest chat.

Design Contests

The rules are simple. Submit a unique idea for what we should slap onto a new towel. The best idea of each contest will be professionally designed and turned into a new Lazy Wombat product.

Photo Comps

Get creative with your photos and tag us on your socials! Every so often we’ll run photo comps where we shortlist our top submissions and let the community pick their champion. Win, and you’ll get some discounts, freebies, and our deepest respect and admiration. Be sure to follow our socials to stay in the loop!